International multicenter study on specific immunotherapy successfully completed in Fraunhofer Allergen Challenge Chamber

Besides the usual German “bitte füllen Sie jetzt Ihren Fragebogen aus”, sentences like “por favor, rellene su cuestionario ahora” and “proszę wypełnić swój kwestionariusz teraz” could be heard when the Fraunhofer ITEM medical staff, supported by interpreters, were asking the participants in a recent clinical trial to complete their questionnaire on how they were feeling.

The test subjects were sitting in an Fraunhofer Allergen Challenge Chamber at Fraunhofer ITEM in Hannover, Germany, participating in a multinational, multicenter trial. For this purpose, they had traveled to Hannover by bus, train, or plane from other cities in Germany, Spain, and Poland. It was the first international study of this kind performed at Fraunhofer ITEM – with success.

The aim of this study commissioned to Fraunhofer ITEM was to test the efficacy of different doses of a specific immunotherapy under standardized conditions – conditions which the Fraunhofer Allergen Challenge Chamber is able to provide.

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